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We believe the impact of your company’s brand is everything. From securing a new contract to maintaining existing clients or selling more product, how people perceive your brand is key to distinguishing you from your competitors.


Your brand is made up of many elements. These tell your story and are the markers for your clients overall impression of you. It is important that all those elements are consistent and support each other by using an agreed language. This language begins with a strategy and a plan which dictates what, when and where these attributes say about you. This helps you maintain and optimise these attributes and your practitioners should have access to the right tools to achieve this.  

Nutshell focus on understanding your business and its needs, then translate this into an effective structure to achieve a better brand.

It doesn't end there, we help companies grow by continuing excellent working relationships and supporting as they mature.

We do this through:

Brand & Identity

Brand & Identity

Identity System Design and Brand Identity are the starting point; if the brands foundation isn't right then the whole lot can breakdown. 


Some clients simply need an identity system, a logo or mark and a simple guideline as to how it should be applied.


For others it may be a re-evaluation of an existing brand,  a re-brand  and a more in-depth examination, a full brand strategy and plan into how each and every element of the brand is treated. The results can contribute significantly to marketplace success.


Nutshell specialise in building strong brand identities that will become your road map for success.

Brand &


Graphic Design

Design for print is our specialty and obviously forms a large part of a brand identity.


We produce quality, effective visual communications for all your marketing collateral.

We work with existing brand identities and brand guidelines or produce one-off designs for SME's who feel they can up their game in any of these areas;

  • Design of Literature

  • Packaging

  • Logo Design

  • Adverts

  • Liveries

  • Stationery

  • Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • Signage and Exhibition Graphics



Web & Online

Web & Online

The other part of the puzzle! It’s important to have web presence, it's even more important that it works and is an effective part of your overall brand identity.

We investigate what it is you need from the internet and extrapulate what the best angle of attack is. We run discovery and design the architecture of online experiences before even thinking about design and development.   The result should be well considered, beautiful, responsive web design that fits your companies tone of voice in online collateral. To that end we offer:

  • Discovery

  • Website Architecture

  • Website Design

  • UX Design
    Experience Design)

  • E-zine Development

Web &


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