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Creative Direction for Food Photography

Consistency of a brands tone of voice its so important and nowhere is this more important than in food photography. We are privileged to work with the great family grown, Cork based, quick service restaurant brand; Dinos Family Chip Shops. Dinos care about their brand and all its aspects with an honesty unseen in a lot of businesses of this type.

The investment of hardwork and time is no less when it comes to their representation of product in photographs and the consistency of the look and feel is paramount. We can't wait to see the results of two hard but creative days work in the studio.

Photographer: Jörg Koster

Creative Direction: Kieran Dwyer, Nutshell Creative Communication

Food Stylist: Johan van der Merle

Jörg Koster
Johan van der Merle

Johan van der Merle

Jörg Koster

#CreativeDirection #artdirection #foodphotography #foodstylist

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